One Man Oldies Band In Phoenix

Phone: 623-252-3256

When what you need is a great Swing, Oldies or Big Band but you don't quite have the budget or space, I have an excellent alternative and answer to that problem. Dave Young "One Man Swing, Oldies & Big Band." Fantastic dance music for almost every occasion.

Doing a One Man Band show allows me to play all the styles of music and the songs that you and I remember and love. Thanks to today's technology it also sounds fantastic. 

I use a keyboard synthesizer which plays midi backing tracks and accompaniment that I created in my studio. I play the lead & rhythm guitar live. I also use a vocal harmonizer when I sing and all of this together allows me to sound like any band I want. From just me to The Mills Brothers or even a full choir. The result is that it sounds great and Everyone has a lot of fun.

Dave Young - One Man Oldies, Swing and Big Band in Phoenix

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